California Misses Out on Opportunity of The Century Because of This

As Amazon processes hundreds of applications from cities vying to land the tech giant’s next headquarters, a group of California business owners urged it to avoid the Golden State.

The California Business & Industrial Alliance (CABIA), a San Fernando Valley-based trade association, took out a full-page ad in Wednesday’s issue of USA Today warning CEO Jeff Bezos to deny any applications from California due to its “onerous” regulations.

“Dear Amazon, Our Weather is Nice. Our Business Climate is Not,” the ad says.

The Alliance highlights the Private Attorneys General Act, which allows workers to sue for civil payments from companies for state labor code violations. The law gives any employee the right to initiate claims on behalf of his or her fellow co-workers and the state’s regulatory agency; the employee then receives 25 percent of any fines resulting from the suit with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency taking 75 percent.


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