Hollywood Degenerates: Male Actor Victim Speaks Out

On Wednesday, yet another star came forward to blow the whistle on Hollywood sexual harassment culture in the wake of bombshell allegations launched against big-time producer and Democratic mega-donor Harvey Weinstein. Actor James Van Der Beek, of Dawson’s Creek fame, took to Twitter to recount experiences he’s had with Hollywood elites engaging in sexual misconduct against him when he was starting out in the industry.

“I’ve had my a– grabbed by older, powerful men,” wrote the actor. “I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversations when I was much younger…”

“I understand the unwarranted shame, powerlessness & inability to blow the whistle,” he continued. “There’s a power dynamic that’s impossible to overcome.”

Van Der Beek expressed his admiration for the women speaking out about Weinstein and slammed the once-powerful producer.


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