Las Vegas Murderer Has Dark Secret In His Family’s Past

The father of Stephen Craig Paddock — the man who opened fire on a country music concert in Las Vegas on Sunday night, killing at least 58 and injuring over 500 — was a “psychopath” with possible “suicidal tendencies” who was once on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, the father of the Las Vegas shooter, was a serial bank robber and con-man who a 1960s FBI escaped prisoner poster described as “psychopathic” and “extremely dangerous.” In fact, he was so dangerous that he was put on the FBI’s most-wanted list for a number of years after escaping prison in the midst of a 20-year sentence for robbing a series of Arizona banks.

“Since he has utilized firearms in previous crimes, has employed violence in attempting to evade arrest and has been diagnosed as being psychopathic, [Benjamin Hoskins] Paddock should be considered extremely dangerous,” reads an escaped federal prisoner poster issued by the FBI after Paddock escaped prison in 1968.

The NY Post notes that Benjamin Paddock was incarcerated in 1960 for robbing an Arizona bank, but managed to escape in 1968, spending “nearly three years on the run before the FBI caught up to him in Las Vegas in 1971, at which point he tried to run down an agent with his car.”


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