ICE Is Hitting Sanctuary Cities Hard

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested nearly 500 immigration violators in a nationwide operation this week, pursuing criminal aliens residing in cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The operation, dubbed “Safe City,” nabbed a total of 498 people who were living in cities and states where immigration officers are denied access to jails or where immigration detention requests are ignored.

The operation focused on illegal aliens with criminal convictions, known gang members and affiliates, and people who re-entered the country after being deported, ICE officials said. People with active status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program were not targeted, according to ICE.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions that do not honor detainers or allow us access to jails and prisons are shielding criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and creating a magnet for illegal immigration,” ICE acting director Tom Homan said in a statement. “As a result, ICE is forced to dedicate more resources to conduct at-large arrests in these communities.”


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