Proof: US Army Lets Communist Within Its Ranks

A photo of U.S. Army infantry officer and West Point graduate Spenser Rapone was making its rounds online Monday due to the fact that – while in his uniform – Rapone had the words “Communism will win” scrawled inside of his cap.

In the wake of the recent NFL protests, a West Point graduate and infantry officer tweeted out the following image with the caption: “#VeteransForKaepernick” – a disgusting display from an officer.

LawNewz verified the legitimacy of the photograph with Rapone himself. He is currently in the field until Friday and unable to answer detailed questions.

One Twitter user noted that West Point cadets are “under contract with the DoD,” going on to state that Rapone’s actions are a “punishable offense under the UCMJ,” because Rapone is making political statements while in uniform:

Read more at the Gateway Pundit.


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