Liberal Judge’s Attack on Pro-Life Activist Will Make You Sick

U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick of San Francisco has fined the undercover video journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s alleged involvement in the fetal trafficking industry and his attorneys $200,000 for publishing online video footage of abortionists.

Orrick said he hoped the fine against David Daleiden and his attorneys, Steve Cooley and Brentford Ferreira, would cause them to comply with his order barring the release of the videos in the future, reports the Associated Press.

Daleiden heads Center for Medical Progress (CMP) and posed as a potential buyer of fetal body parts during lunch meetings with Planned Parenthood officials and at annual trade shows of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). He has appealed the gag order to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The pro-life journalist and his attorneys claim the order is unconstitutional and against his First Amendment rights. Orrick’s order prohibited publication of undercover footage of the Planned Parenthood officials during the NAF trade shows on the basis that it could endanger the abortionists.


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