Gay Group Under Attack for Taking Stand Against Terrorism

In the hierarchy of victimhood, it should now be abundantly clear that the Left favors Muslims over gay people. If their politically correct reaction to an Islamic terrorist opening fire on a gay nightclub in Orlando did not prove that, then this new report out of Vancouver should.

In August, a Vancouver gay pride group with an anti-sharia bent was denied participation in the city’s gay pride parade because organizers were afraid of being labeled Islamophobes.

Founded by Shawn Shirazi, an Iranian immigrant of Vancouver, the group “Cirque de So Gay” featured both transgender and gay Middle Eastern men known for getting a little too direct in their criticism of Islam. Though they marched in the Vancouver pride parade for several years, even earning awards for originality, the age of Trump stirred in parade organizers a different attitude toward their act, which they now deem “culturally insensitive.”


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