Federal Money Being Used to Insult Police Officers

The National Institutes of Health is spending nearly $400,000 on a mindfulness meditation program for police officers.

The New Age meditation technique could be used to prevent cops from shooting unarmed black men, according to the grant for the project.

“Successful policing requires rapid and unbiased decision-making, well-developed emotion regulation skills, and psychological resilience,” the grant, awarded to Pacific University in Oregon, states. “However, law enforcement officers (LEOs) are frequently exposed to intensive work-related stress and trauma, and consequently, are at elevated risk of adverse mental health outcomes. These mental health issues in turn are some of the primary mechanisms underlying other- and self-directed violence among [law enforcement officers].”

Researchers inserted the national debate over police tactics into their project, arguing that incidents of cops shooting unarmed suspects could be prevented by meditation. The grant suggests that “unconscious” racism may be the reason some cops pull the trigger.


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