Will it End? Vandals Deface Non-Confederate Statues

Philadelphia police arrested a man Friday in connection with a spray-painted message on the statue of former Mayor and Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo.

Per Philly.com, the man arrested is 40-years-old. Charges are still pending, but he is expected to be charged with criminal mischief, institutional vandalism and possession of an instrument of crime for spray-painting the statue that stands outside the Municipal Services Building.

The suspect defaced the statue Thursday night with the message “Black Power” after calls for its removal following the protests in Charlottesville, VA. Philly.com reports that the statue was egged Wednesday.

Officers responded to a call Thursday around 11 p.m. to a call for “vandalism in progress” in front of the Municipal Services Building. On top of the vandalized Rizzo statue at the building, the words “The Black community should be their own Police” were written on the steps.


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