Clinton and Lynch Under Increased Scrutiny By FBI

The American Center for Law and Justice says the FBI has acknowledged they are searching for more documents they might have related to the now-infamous “tarmac” meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The additional search by the FBI comes about one week after the ACLJ released emails they obtained from the Department of Justice about the meeting, many of which showed some reporters were reluctant to cover the meeting when word first broke.

Previously, the FBI told the ACLJ that they found no documents. But, the batch of documents the ACLJ released previously showed FBI employees who were involved in email threads with DOJ officials.

The ACLJ celebrated the decision on their website, saying, “While we appreciate that the FBI has ‘reopened’ the case file and is now ‘searching’ for documents responsive to our duly submitted [Freedom of Information Act] request from more than a year ago, it stretches the bounds of credulity to suggest that the FBI bureaucracy just discovered that ‘potentially responsive’ records ‘may exist’ on its own accord.”


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