Google In Full Damage Control After Fear of Leaks

Google has canceled their diversity-focused town hall meeting this week due to fear that details of the meeting may be leaked online.

Shortly after the firing of Google engineer James Damore and subsequent Breitbart News exclusive Rebels of Google interview series with a number of Google insiders, Google has canceled their town hall meeting this week. Business Insider reports that Google CEO Sundar Pichai allegedly called off the town hall meeting just two hours before it was set to go ahead, citing fears that employees could be “outed” online.

Pichai and other Google executives were set to answer questions about Damore’s viewpoint diversity manifesto at the town hall before it was canceled at the last minute. Business Insider notes that, “websites and videos on YouTube have listed Google employees by name along with their internal responses to Damore’s memo,” likely referencing Breitbart News’ coverage of Damore’s firing which included leaked messages from Google’s internal chat network including discussion of Damore’s internally communicated manifesto.


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