Failed Female Presidential Candidate Defends North Korea

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein seemingly delivered an impassioned defense of North Korea on Sunday, saying that the murderous Kim Jong Un regime felt “cornered” into developing nuclear weapons because of actions taken by the United States and South Korea.

During an interview on MSNBC, Stein railed against the United States’ THAAD missile defense system, which protects South Korea from a potential nuclear strike. Stein claimed that the defense system is a “boondoggle” for the weapons industry, even though its track record is “abysmal.” She went on to say that THAAD’s presence has been “destabilizing” in the region.

“It destabilizes the balance of power in that reason,” Stein said. “China, understandably feels like this is a massive radar system being brought in under a trojan horse. The trojan horse is missile defense, which it doesn’t really accomplish, but the reality is that it brings in a very powerful radar system that can be used, essentially, to surveil China.”

The MSNBC anchor cut in and asked Stein what the “alternative” solution should be.


Originally published by the Blaze.


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