Here’s What Servicemen Actually Think of Transgenders in Their Ranks

Rather than take the easy and trendy route on this issue, the route that would save him a thousand bad news cycles and endless hysterical cries of NAZI!, on Wednesday President Trump put the safety of his country first by banning, in every capacity, transgenders from serving in the military. In a series of tweets, the president correctly stated that the disruption and costs of this misguided social experiment have no place in our armed forces. A recent poll shows that the military overwhelmingly agrees with him.

Earlier this year, the Military Times polled active duty troops and found that only 12% believe transgenders serving openly helps military readiness, while 41% believe it hurts. If you want to write off our service men and women off as bigots, why then do only 18% oppose the repeal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that kept homosexuals from serving openly?

With your gender imprinted on every strand of your DNA, there is simply no doubt that those we describe as transgender, or those “transitioning” towards a gender other than their biological one, suffer from some form of mental illness, a gender dysphoria. Like depression or obsessive compulsion, the severity of this illness varies. Some are able to function, some are not. Regardless, people suffering from any form of mental illness have absolutely no business serving in the American military.

This is not an act of discrimination, those suffering from depression, attention deficit disorder, learning disorders, mood disorders, behavioral disorders, speech disorders or any history of self-mutilation, are disqualified from serving in the military. And what is sex reassignment surgery if not a horrific form of self-mutilation?


Originally published by the Daily Wire.


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