The Reason Why Unions Are Moving Away From the Democrat Party

The leader of Pennsylvania’s largest labor union said that his union will re-think its close ties to the Democratic Party.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale said the group did a poor job of listening to its members in the recent past, according to WSKG News. Bloomingdale embarked on a “listening tour” across the state following President Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the state, which was in part inspired by blue collar workers. Bloomingdale said that his members feel “alienated” by liberalism.

“We may have gotten too close to one party,” he said. “We should be for people who are for us, regardless of party label.”

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO worked hard to get Hillary Clinton and Democratic Senate nominee Katie McGinty elected in 2016. The union organized more than 10,000 volunteers and aimed to mobilize 450,000 voters to support the Democratic ticket, according to an October 26 press release. The union also sent out 580,000 mailers to union members and households touting Clinton’s candidacy.


Originally published by the Free Beacon.


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