CNN Ratings Reach A New Low

Another mammoth news week, another ratings catastrophe for The Most Shameless Name in Fake News — CNN, of course. Credibility does actually appear to matter to news consumers, because for at least two years CNN handily beat its leftwing competition at MSNBC. But years and years of pretending to be an objective, unbiased news outlet has apparently caught up to CNN. Instead of being lied to 24/7, a whole lot of CNN’s leftwing viewers appear to have fled to MSNBC, which is now giving Fox News a run for its money.

MSNBC might be every bit as leftwing as CNN, but at least MSNBC didn’t spend the last month insulting its viewers with a tsunami of fake news. And now CNN is paying for it, big league. The cable news network that once bragged about handily beating MSNBC is now handily losing to MSNBC in almost every metric.

Last week, throughout the vast cable dial, in total day viewers, Fox News placed first, MSNBC placed third … CNN placed twelfth, below Nickelodeon, Adult Swim and HGTV. Yep, CNN is still losing to cartoons.

Last week, throughout the vast cable dial, in total primetime viewers, Fox News placed first, MSNBC second … CNN twelfth.


Originally published by the Daily Wire.


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