Dem Presidential Candidate Loser Calls Gun Owners This

Former Democratic National Committee Chair and governor of Vermont Howard Dean stopped by MSNBC, where a discussion about winning back working class voters morphed into accusing the National Rifle Association of being a white supremacist group. The clip, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon’s Conor Beck, shows Dean saying how the Republican Party is out of step, how working class voters wanted change, and how the GOP’s repeal attempts will lead to a buyer’s remorse. He also agreed that Hillary Clinton would have been a great president, though conceded that she wouldn’t have brought change.

Yet, before that admission, host Katy Tur pushed back on Dean’s notion that President Trump’s base can’t win in national elections, and that the GOP is out of touch, mentioning a) Trump won; and b) the GOP retained control of Congress with minimal losses in 2016. Also, they increased their footprint in the state and local arena as well.

It’s just the seat of irony that Dean thinks that the GOP is out of the mainstream when more Americans increasingly feel that Democrats are the ones who are on Pluto on a whole host of issues, especially cultural ones. Dean’s remarks perfectly encapsulate the Democratic reaction to their string of losses: it’s not that I’m out of touch; it’s just that everyone else is wrong. That mindset will be fatal politically, but I digress.

Dean responded by saying that he feels that the majority of Trump voters are not right wing gun nuts, but added that some are, while throwing in a jab at the recent NRA ad that slams politically motivated violence.


Originally published by Town Hall.


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