Another Mainstream Media Outlet Retracts Two Fake Stories About Trump

Vice retracted two stories about President Donald Trump Wednesday, admitting that the stories fell apart after further scrutiny.

The two stories were taken down after the site realized they were full of “factual errors” and faulty sources, reports Variety.

“After a thorough investigation into the sourcing of two stories, ‘Here’s the Secret Backstage Trump Drama at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents’ and ‘Behind the Scenes of Disney’s Donald Trump ‘Hall of Presidents’ Installation,’ and the identification of several factual errors, we have decided to retract both pieces,” Vice Media’s Motherboard editorial board said in a note.

Both stories wondered if Trump would be able to speak at the Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents event. The second report, “Behind the Scenes of Dine’s Donald Trump ‘Hall of Presidents’ Installation,” claimed that Disney Parks was unsure of whether he should speak at the event and who would write the speech.


Originally published by the Daily Caller.