Christian Groups Triumph Over SPLC’s Attempt To Smear Them

An organization that posts financial information for more than 1 million of charities abruptly withdrew its “hate” designation for 46 mostly Christian organizations, which had been based on the assessment of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that has been linked in federal court to domestic terror.

Guidestar explained Friday its intent was to “provide even more information to our users” but said it had “heard from both supporters and critics of this decision, many of whom have presented reasonable disagreements with the way in which this information was presented.”

The decision, Guidestar said, was motivated by “our commitment to objectivity and our concerns for our staff’s wellbeing,” claiming staff members had been subject to “harassment and threats.”

“We are always open and willing to have conversations with our users and nonprofit groups and welcomed this feedback. We acknowledge there is a deep, nuanced conversation to be had with Americans of all political, cultural, and religious backgrounds regarding how we address – and identify – hate groups,” Guidestar said.


Originally published by World Net Daily.


Originally published by World Net Daily.