Terrorist Leader Has Terrifying Warning for Europe

Dozens of Islamic State members have successfully “returned” to Europe and are poised to carry out attacks in the future, a Gaza-based jihadist who formerly fought in the Islamic State terrorist group claimed during a phone interview.

“I personally know for sure that dozens of our brothers successfully returned to Europe and we will see very soon the results of their blessed actions,” claimed Palestinian jihadist Abu Baqer Almaqdesi, who returned to the Gaza Strip after he was wounded while fighting among IS’s ranks in Iraq.

IS has been stressing lone wolf operations, meaning attacks carried out by supporters who live among the population and are allegedly not part of any larger cells. However, according to Almaqdesi, the terrorist organization is “acting to organize its cells in the infidel Western countries in order to carry out revenge attack in all the countries participating in the Crusader and infidel coalition against the Islamic State.”

“The Crusader Europeans bombing the Muslims and destroying their lands and countries have opened the gates of hell upon themselves,” he claimed, speaking in his native Arabic.


Originally published by Breitbart.


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