MSNBC Reporter Accused By Own Trans-Father of Transphobia

A transgender reporter accused his own daughter of transphobia and being more concerned with her journalism career in a biting Facebook post Tuesday.

Hanna Zoey Tur, a transgender woman who used to be a man, claimed that his daughter, NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, doesn’t support the gay community enough, reports Mediaite.

“Truth is my daughter does not support the LGBT community. She’s Transphobic and fearful that it will hurt her career as a broadcaster in these alt-right times. Career before family. In the words of Paddy Chayefsky: She’s pure television,” Zoey wrote in the Facebook post.

Katy recently spoke on her troubled relationship with her father in a Saturday New York Times profile. The silence between the two has nothing to do with her father’s transition, Katy explained.


Originally published by the Daily Caller.