Refugees Using Awful Trick To Gain Asylum in Germany

Braunschweiger Criminal Police chief Ulf Küche has claimed many migrants are “tricking” the German government when they convert to Christianity and others have called for more stringent standards regarding migrant conversions.

Police chief and vice-chairman of the Federal German Criminal Police Office Ulf Küche made the remarks after the news of the brutal killing of a five-year-old child in an asylum home over the weekend, Tag 24 reports.

The asylum seeker who killed the child, and was later shot by police, turned out to have converted to Christianity to avoid deportation after having committed arson years before.

Küche said: “If the deportation of the offender has failed because he has changed his faith, then one has to put two and two together.” He claimed that asylum seekers were just using Christianity as a cover to avoid being deported from Germany.


Originally published by Breitbart.


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