FAKE NEWS ALERT: CNN Stages “Pro-Muslim” Rally

The “fake news” mainstream media is at it again. This time, CNN was caught staging a phony “pro-Islam” rally in London, in order to gain sympathy for Muslims after a series of brutal terrorist attacks.

On Sunday, CNN aired a feature showing reporter Becky Anderson standing in front the “Muslim mothers” rally. Behind her were what appeared to be a large crowd of women in hijabs, standing up for “moderate Islam” while protesting the recent London and Manchester attacks. In their hands were signs with liberal-friendly slogans like “ISIS will lose” and “Love will win.”

However, footage from a different camera shows a distinctly different images. Before Anderson begins reporting, the protesters are guided by police to stand directly in the camera frame—so it looked like they were part of a much larger protest.

The camera goes on to show Anderson reporting in front of only a handful of Muslim women. Not seen on CNN was the expansive, completely empty street behind them.

Facing tremendous backlash from conservative media, CNN denied the protest as “nonsense.”

CNN pundit Howard Kurtz seconded CNN’s official account, telling his viewers: “I didn’t see anything in this video that indicated that CNN corresponded or any crew members were encouraging protesters to do anything or to say anything.”

Whether or not CNN was actually the one corralling the protesters into the camera frame, it’s clear that they are guilty of posting a very misleading story: pretending that a “protest” attended by only a couple people were part of a larger movement of so-called “moderate Muslims.”

Originally published by American Action News.

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