This Baby-Killing Democrat Felon Is Still Registered to Vote

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was found guilty of murdering babies born alive during abortions, is among the convicted felons who are still registered to vote in Philadelphia.

“In the City of Brotherly Love, you can retain your voter registration no matter what crime you commit,” reports Robert Knight, senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), at the Washington Times. “That’s because election officials refuse to take convicted felons off the voter rolls even if they’re still serving time in jail.”

Gosnell, now 75, was found guilty in 2013 of severing the spinal cords of babies born alive during abortion and in the death of one of his patients. He was also convicted on 21 felony counts of performing late-term abortions and on hundreds of other lesser counts, including corruption and more than 200 violations of the 24-hour informed consent law.

The 300-page grand jury report described Gosnell’s medical office as a “baby charnel house,” with bloodstained furniture, unlicensed physicians and nurses, and fetal remains stored in plastic jugs and bags in the basement freezer.


Originally published by Breitbart.


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