Pro-Transgender Corporation Is Collapsing

After a full year of sliding profits and stock prices, retail giant Target Corp. has announced a cut in pay for its CEO, Brian Cornell.

After a year of declining sales, tumbling share prices, and a major slide in its brand name, Target announced that Cornell’s compensation is to recede by nearly one-third, falling to $11.3 million, Reuters reported on Monday.

The reason for the cut in pay is that Cornell’s compensation is based on an incentive program. Growth for the company means growth for his take home pay. On the other hand, with the company losing billions year over year, Cornell’s incentive plan has predictably come up short.

The Target chief’s pay is based on two financial points, the company’s incentive EBIT — which makes up 75 percent of his stock component — and adjusted sales. But both have been in the dumps since last year.


Originally published by Breitbart.