Mainstream Media Caught Lying About Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, made her first oversees trip as a White House adviser earlier this week. As for how the trip went, it depends on who you ask.

U.S. media outlets widely reported that the crowd Ivanka Trump spoke to at the Women’s 20 Summit in Berlin, Germany, “booed” and “hissed” at her when she defended her father for his stance on issues such as paid leave.


But the German newspaper was quick to point out that “unrest” did not equal “booing” or “jeering.”

“This makes it even more surprising that US media are painting an entirely different picture of Ivanka’s appearance in Berlin. The murmuring that could be heard as Ivanka defended her father against criticism was interpreted as massive booing of the President’s daughter,” Bild reported, adding that Ivanka Trump had “proven that she can also confidently handle delicate questions.”


Originally published by The Blaze.