Obama’s Daughter Caught in Illegal Act?

While President Obama has left the White House and the limelight, there’s a new Obama stepping into the spotlight. This weekend Malia Obama, President Obama’s eldest daughter was spotted a nightclub in New York City. Freedom Daily claims she was breaking the law:

Malia Obama has been raised with privilege and entitlement and now that she’s not a “kid” anymore, she’s opened herself up to public scrutiny with her adult antics — despite what rules liberals claim about “kids” being off limits, so long as they aren’t President Trump’s grandkids. As we reported on Sunday, the former First Daughter was out on the town in New York City, when she was caught in a situation that could very well result in criminal action taken — not just against her, but someone else as well.

The 18-year-old was let into a Soho club in the city that was meant for patrons who are only 21-years or older. This is the first time for the teen who seems to have been taught by her dad that rules don’t apply to the Obamas, the same way they do to the rest of the country. Now as a civilian, her actions could be held against her, which isn’t something that little miss Malia was expecting when she verbally attacked White House correspondent, Lucian B. Wintrich,  who represents the Gateway Pundit.

As Wintrich was enjoying a night out with friends, his path crossed with Malia’s, who he claimed that she seemed to be intoxicated. The former First Daughter called him “disgusting” after verifying he was who he is and then was about to berate him further when she was pulled away from the scene by her own security (or babysitters, as it seems).

“This reckless behavior is typical of a spoiled brat who considers herself above the law,” the Angry Patriot Movement reported. “Malia decided to confront a man minding his own business, knowing she had the protection of her security force and the backing of the liberal drinking establishment.”


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