Secret Service Under Investigation for What They Did to Trump’s Grandkids

President Trump doesn’t just entrust his own life with Secret Security but also depends on them to keep the most vulnerable members of his family safe — his grandchildren. After the first scandal hit his security detail when one member said she wouldn’t take a bullet for him, the second one was worse when he saw what trusted agents did with his oldest grandkid.

Two Secret Service Agents found themselves on the wrong side of an investigation after having been given the duty of watching after one little boy. Donald Trump III, the son of Donald Trump Jr., was in their care as they transported Trump’s grandson to from his home in Westchester, New York, to Manhattan, for unspecified reasons. While en route, the boy fell asleep and that’s when the agents decided to take advantage of the situation and things went horribly wrong.

According to Western Journalism, President Trump’s grandson “freaked out” when he awoke to the sight of his security guards snapping selfies with him as they thought he was passed out. He was rightfully terrified by the obvious violation of privacy and confused by what was going on and told his mother, Vanessa Trump, about it after arriving home.

“Her concerns were quickly escalated to the attention of the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility in Washington, D.C.,” the report noted, leading to an investigation into the situation with the two Secret Service agents in question.


Originally published by Freedom Daily.