Here’s How Your Tax Dollars Are Going To Mexico

Federal student loans have been criticized by Conservatives for many years now. These loans, backed with no collateral on the students’ part, have inflated the price of colleges over the last decades, rising the price to over $50,000 per year in some colleges. Not only do they burden our debt, but they finance useless degrees such as “gender studies” that will leave these students with no employment prospects out of college.

Could it get any worse? You bet. The Daily Caller reports:

Just over 30 percent of America’s college students with student loan debt admit that they plan to fritter away part of their federally-subsidized loan funds to pay for sun-and-beer-soaked spring break trips this year.

LendEDU, a student loan marketplace website, documented this startling fact in a nationwide survey of 500 students currently attending America’s colleges and universities.

The survey shows that 30.6 percent of debt-laden students say they are using student loan funds to pay for airfare and hotels, and to generally party hard on a super-fun vacation during their post-mid-term breaks.

That’s right, your tax dollars are now being used to finance decadent spring break to Mexico for Spring Break. Mexicans can make money from these depraved students, and you’ll be left footing the bill.