Teacher Talks Trump, Gets Dumped

An elementary school teacher in Florida was booted from her classroom—because she praised President Donald Trump on her personal Facebook.

Veronica Fleming, a computer lab teacher at Collier County’s Parkside Elementary School, was reassigned to administrative duties, while the district investigates her.

On Facebook, Fleming linked to an article from the Chicago Tribune about last Thursday’s “Day Without an Immigrant”—a so-called “general strike” that shut down some businesses nationwide, to protest Trump’s hardline stance on immigration.

“The funny part about immigrants staying home is the rest of us who pay for them are here at work like we’ve always been. Looks like less mouths to feed today,” Fleming wrote. “Have fun while you still can. So glad to hear about massive deportation. Let’s make America great again. Thanks Donald Trump!”

Greg Turchetta, spokesman for Collier County Public Schools, told local media that a number of parents at Parkside Elementary had complained—since the school is 96 percent minorities.

“This is a very tight-knit neighborhood school that stands for inclusion,” Turchetta explained. “The teachers have nothing but love for these students. Anything else is not a reflection of the school.”

Originally published by American Action News.


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