Regulator-in-Chief: Here’s How Many Regulations Obama Jammed in Last 60 days

Former President Obama made good on his effort to tie President Trump‘s hands with new regulations, adding $157 billion in new rules from Election Day to Inauguration Day alone.

A new report from American Action Forum, which charts regulations, said that the administration published a full year’s worth of new rules in just two months.

“Throughout 2016, the administration averaged roughly 45 rules per month, including final and proposed measures. Then in November 2016, the administration managed to produce 57 rulemakings, an increase, but not statistically significant. By December, however, the administration approved more regulations (99) in that month than for any December since 1993. In other words, the Obama Administration more than doubled regulatory output in the month after the election,” said Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum.

Originally published by the Washington Examiner.