4 Top Sites for Trump News

With inauguration less than 48 hours away (HOORAY) and an absurd amount of negative, fake news coverage about President-elect Donald Trump, we wanted to provide you with some REAL news sites that are fair to our next President!

Here’s our list of the top 4 news sites for unbiased Donald Trump:

1) American Action News (AAN) — A no non-sense conservative website that brings the hard-hitting news to you every single day.

2) American Update — The cross-section of politics, news, culture and entertainment. Need to find out which celebrities or news networks are bad mouthing Trump so you can boycott their products? Search no further. American Update keeps tabs on the Trump haters so you don’t have to.

3) TrumpTrainNews.com — A microsite of AAN, that compiles the top headlines on Donald Trump. No more searching the website and trying to get through all the fake news to find the Trump news that you want to read! All of it is right at TrumpTrainNews.com.

4) ICYMINews.com — All of the news that you might have missed. ICYMI News brings you the best stories from the internet each day.


By E.K. Ning.