Bernie Officially Part of What He Hates

For the second year in a row, Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has reportedly raked in more than a million dollars, putting him solidly in the 1% of American income earners.

Though he’s still well behind his colleague-in-arms, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) whose estimated personal wealth is $18.5 million, a financial disclosure form filed just last month shows the Vermont Senator and former progressive presidential candidate did very well in 2016 and 2017, raking in more than a million each year from book deals, cash payments, and royalty fees,¬†according to VT Digger.

Much of that money, the Vermont-centric investigative reporters say, came from his book, “Our Revolution,” which earned him around $888,000. The book, which was critically panned, sold around half a million copies in its first week and the audio book even earned Sanders a Grammy nomination.

But as the “savior of the Democratic Party” railed against the rich and famous in 2017, he was happily cashing checks to put himself in their number.¬†According to Fox News, a family needs only to earn around $380,000 to be considered comfortably within the 1%, and Sanders has earned three times that since failing to snag the Democratic nomination in 2016.


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