Steyer-funded Organization Using Felons to Collect Petition Signatures

You may know Tom Steyer from his goofy “Impeach Trump” commercials:

Now, a group funded by Steyer is accused of using felons — including some very dangerous ones — to collect petition signatures to put a question on the ballot in Arizona. The Washington Free Beacon has the report:

A group opposed to a Tom Steyer-funded petition drive that would put a higher renewable mandate question on the Arizona ballot this fall is accusing the group gathering signatures of employing 27 felons in addition to the five already alleged to have been employed earlier in the year and acknowledged by one of the drive’s organizers.

Arizona law requires anyone gathering signatures for a petition to be eligible to vote. Those with felony records can lose their voting rights for a period of time after their release from prison depending on the situation and the sentence, and Arizonans for Affordable Electricity says it has not seen proof that the signature gatherers in question have had their voting rights restored.

“Given the severity of many of these offenses—including murder, kidnapping and armed robbery—it is unlikely the individual would be a candidate to have his/her rights restored,” said Matt Benson, director of AFAE.

Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona (CEHA) is hoping to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot asking Arizona voters to increase the mandate on the state’s renewable portfolio from 12 percent in 2020 to 50 percent by 2030. To do so, they’ll need to supply roughly 260,000 valid signatures by July 5.

Do you think this Steyer-funded organization is putting the safety of Arizona voters at risk? Let us know in the comments.


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Connie Carnahan

The best that can be done now, is to prosecute those who think they are above “the rule of law.”


will those signatures collected by ineligible folks be disallowed??


Steyer is a POS; why is anyone surprised?


Democrats prove again their love and support for Banditos.


How ironic that date is 2030 same as Agenda 2030 set by the UN

Sue Jackson

The actions of this Steyer -funded organization put every person whose information they collected in danger. Perhaps their information was sold to others groups, organizations or gangs for the purpose of using the information for nefarious reasons that places the respondents in danger


steyer is just another ignorant delusional Libtard…Pay him no mind, like all the others.

john burns

great, if you can’t get good people to do your work, hire felons. that should workout well.

Bob Trahan

How can anyone say all these lies and try to make others believe it with a straight face?

James Kurtz

Put Steyer in jail with the rest of his felon buddies. He is a scumbag and a buddy of Pelosi.


I believe anyone convicted of a felony should never be allowed to vote or purchase a gun or alcohol ! ! ! ! !

Jerry Hughes

If i lived i a state where they were trying to raise the taxes 38% It would not be good at all for the life forms trying to do it.
We can no longer coexist with the ersatz life forms, we must physically separate ourselves from them it is that or civil war


Styer has been that way all his life. Best Part of him ran down his mother’s leg