Is Netflix Going Full Leftist?

Republican’s approval of the internet streaming giant Netflix has dropped amid the company’s recent embrace of Susan Rice and Barack Obama, according to polling data obtained by Variety.

A survey by the research firm YouGov found that Netflix’s positive impression rating with Republicans fell by 16 percent since the beginning of 2018. Meanwhile, the company’s positive impression rating with Democrats has risen by 15 percent in the same period.

While Netflix maintains strong overall approval ratings from the American public, data shows that on a general perception scale of -100 to 100 the company scores 62.8 among Democrats and 41.8 percent among Republicans as of May 31.

The fall in approval comes amid the company’s announcing a “multi-year agreement” with Barack and Michelle Obama to help produce films and series for the platform — a mega-deal that was reportedly brokered by former Obama official and campaign fundraiser Ted Sarandos, who’s now Netflix’s chief content officer.


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Janice D

The undercurrent in many of their new offerings, including imports from Europe, is of anti-white, anti “normal” male, pro miscegenation in social interactions. Dialog, casting, and themes are consistently LEFT.

Patricia Coetsee

I will be watching the content, as soon as the left starts overwhelming Netflix with climate change, and all the other Liberal agendas, I will cancel my subscription. I wish the Obama’s would disappear, such a relief when their faces were not on TV on a daily basis. Maybe they will emigrate to Indonesia, they would be more welcome there!