Facebook and BLM Team Up

The wife of a Facebook cofounder has provided a bulk of the funding to a political action committee that was co-founded by Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Shaun King to target district attorney races across the country in an attempt to “fight structural racism.”

Liberal activists and entities, such as billionaire George Soros and the Color of Change PAC, have quietly flooded local district attorney races across the country with cash and organizational support in an attempt to overhaul the criminal justice system by electing far-left DAs.

King, who first spoke to media on the formation of the Real Justice PAC in February, told the Huffington Post at the time that “No position in America, no single individual has a bigger impact on the criminal justice system—including police brutality, but the whole crisis of mass incarceration in general—than your local district attorney.”

The PAC, which includes individuals who previously worked on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign, states they are working to elect “reform-minded prosecutors at the county and municipal level who are committed to using the powers of their office to fight structural racism and defend our communities from abuse by state power.”


Read more at the Free Beacon.


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Victoria Barrett

Sounds like a match made in hell. There must be some regulation against it. If not then we need new regulations to forbid such mergers or a competitive social media other than Facebook

bill emmert

facebook needs to stay out of all of the political goings on

Donald L. Mercer

White Guilt is going to an extreme unparalleled, stupid, ignorant and so unrealistic, that Zuckerman is on an agenda that is clearly anti American and ridiculousl


What do you expect? The Jews and the blacks love the hell outta each other.