You’re Fired? Trump Appointee Could Be On Way Out

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is allegedly preparing for the possibility he may soon be fired from his position, according to a Friday report.

Rosenstein seems aware he might lose his job, but is not very concerned with the possibility, a source who discussed it with the deputy attorney general told NBC News.

Other sources told NBC News that in private conversations Rosenstein has taken to repeating the famous Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. phrase “Here I stand.”

Some Democrats believe that a firing in the administration is imminent and are trying to plan protests against the potential action. Connecticut Democratic Rep. Jim Himes reportedly sent out an email to various activists saying he believes either Attorney General Jeff Session, FBI Director Rod Rosenstein, or special counsel Robert Mueller will lose their job in the next two days.


Read more at the Daily Caller.

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Patricia Weldon

Rosenstein and Mueller should both leave,they are just 2 more crooks of the OC gang. Both are guilty of things from their time working together before,they are both so into dirty work they need to go to prison with the rest of the gang. Comey deserves to be in prison too,I thought it was a crime to lie under oath,Comey has told so many he should not be free. He has some nerve,he worked for a Chicago mob boss yet he says Pres.Trump is like the Mafia. It is he who lies about everything in his book.