Deep State Operatives Openly Threaten President Trump

Former CIA Director John Brennan reacted to the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe — and President Donald Trump’s celebration of it — by tweeting a strident attack against Trump:

The president’s critics seem to like Brennan’s tweet. In fact, it confirmed what Trump has been saying all along: that the senior leadership of the intelligence and federal law enforcement services had become highly politicized.

That impression was only reinforced further by a tweet from former UN Ambassador Samantha Power — whose full role in “unmasking” Americans who appeared in foreign intelligence wiretaps has yet to be exposed:

Power’s warning echoes that of Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), who warned Trump last January — in the midst of heavy leaks to the media by the FBI and intelligence services: “You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”


Read more at Breitbart.

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Bill Knight

Brennon is just another of the leftist scumbags, who is a converted Muzzi, that aided and abetted B. O’But*H%le and the Clinton’s to basically destroy this country by filling every pot hole in the road with his so-called progressive commie crap…while they fattened their wallets

Bill Knight
One fired. Looking forward to the arrests for the Felonies committed, Using a personal server to evade oversight and FOIA requests, denying 503C statue to conservative groups while at the same time, expediting and backdating same status for Obama’s half brother’s somewhat underhanded tax-exempt org, spying on conservative reporters, taking money from foreigners for your “charity” thus purchasing access to future President Hillary, selling US uranium mining rights to Russia while accepting donations to your “charity”, using the Intelligence Agencies to spy on your opponents political organization, unmasking Americans for political reasons, obtaining a FISA warrant with a political oppo… Read more »
Bob Trahan

I think those idiots need to let our president do his job. Anyone try to get him out will see that We The People will not stand for it.