Patriotic Californians Turn Out To Support the President

The parents of children killed by illegal immigrants are demanding that the Trump administration take a tough stance against a California mayor who thwarted a federal immigration raid this month — urging that she face consequences and even jail time.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf sparked national outrage when she pre-empted the raid in Northern California by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials by announcing it on Twitter.

“How dare you!” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a speech last week in which he also announced a lawsuit against California for its “sanctuary” policies — which limit local law enforcement officials from complying with federal immigration authorities’ access to illegal immigrants.

“How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda,” Sessions said.


Read more at Fox News.

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Schaaf should already be behind bars. What the hell is wrong with ICE? If they don’t have the authority to arrest someone deliberately interfering with a federal law enforcement agency from doing it’s sworn duty then why have the agency at all? They should not have to wait for a judge to make a decision as to what the mayor did was against the law or not. If you or I interfered with the arrest of even a drunk driver, we would be in handcuffs from obstruction of justice.