ICE’s Dire Warning About Sanctuary Cities

Acting director of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan said Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that “more people are going to die” as a result of sanctuary city policies.

Homan criticized Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf for interfering with ICE officers and said radical views on immigration are a danger to public safety.

“[Schaaf] let the criminal aliens that we had targeted for arrest, gave them an advanced notice law enforcement was coming for them. And many criminal aliens were not apprehended because of that warning,” Homan said. “I can’t put a specific number on it but a lot of criminal aliens were not found because they were given advance warning by the mayor, which increased a public safety issue in her area. We’ve got criminal aliens walking around that community that are now in hiding because of her warning.”

Homan believes the existence of sanctuary states and cities will ultimately end up costing lives.


Read more at the Daily Caller.

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It seems perfectly logical that someone, a friend, family member or a city mayor should be held accountable as an “accomplice” to a crime committed by a person due to the person being warned beforehand of impending law enforcement action. In case of a murder they may not have pulled the trigger but they made the act possible. This is how every law enforcement agency should handle this mayor and every other sanctuary city supporter.

Steve Gertz

If one person dies at the hands of the known criminals Schaaf tipped off, Schaaf should serve their sentence. These sanctuary city officials need to be prosecuted. Message to Jeff Sessions… Get off your ass and start prosecuting these criminals or step down.