Government Seizes Child in Support of LGBT Agenda

Parents of a 17-year-old girl lost custody of their daughter for opposing her wish for transgender medical treatments.

Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon of Hamilton County, Ohio has allowed the girl to be taken into the custody of her grandparents – who support her medical transition – allowing them to make decisions that will further along her physical transition to the opposite sex.

According to CNN, Hendon ordered that the family’s names not be released.

The parents reportedly continued to call their daughter by her given name, rather than a male name, and refused to consent to hormone treatments that were recommended by her medical team. The girl claimed she became suicidal as a result of her parents’ refusal to accept that she wanted to transition to a male.


Read more at Breitbart.

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Bob Trahan

Seems like the girl along with grandparents have a mental problem.


We need government to leave the raising of kids to the parents until age 21…Then the child is on his or her own…We lost the ability to raise our daughter to our families long time good standards because both the government, school system and police dept in our city said she could live with the cafeteria worker instead of us…Then the cafeteria worker saw the girl was impossible to help and refused to have her there…This happened in several cases…The govt is raising our children and we have no say but we get the bill for it.


The government only has a say if that child is being mistreated , molested etc. not because of this, the parents have the say so till that child is 18 then they can do Whatever they want. This is like living in a communist country the gov
Owns everyone completely. If they take and not return the child I say to the parents, let the gov take care of them in every way EVERYTHING! But I still don’t agree with what they have done and that judge needs to be thrown out! How dare she make this a ruling.


These parents are correct! But leave to some pervert of a judge to do something like this. Some of these judges? need to be removed for their immorality .

Kathleen Perry

Good for the parents. At 17? She or he can wait till the age of 18 and pay for it herself or himself. Parents need respect too!