Rabid Anti-Police Radicals Threaten Local Business

A Missouri business owner who was threatened and harassed after putting up a pro-law enforcement flag joined Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to share her story.

Cherri Elder, the owner of Elder’s Antiques in St. Louis, said she wanted to show support for the police officers who patrol the area by displaying an American flag with a blue stripe in front of her shop.

She said people began expressing their disapproval of the flag on social media and in person. When the backlash became too “nasty,” she decided to take the flag down and assumed the controversy was over.

Apparently it wasn’t, and she was surprised to find a note on her store’s window about a month later.


Read more at Fox News.

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John Craig

Nothing a 12 ga can’t fix if they come in to start trouble. Couple of NRA friends wouldn’t hurt either.