SHOCKING: High School’s American Flag Replaced by ISIS One

An American flag at a high school in Southwest Utah was found destroyed and replaced with an ISIS flag Thursday, Fox 13 reported.

An unknown perpetrator had taken down the flag at Hurricane High School, which is in the Washington County School District, and replaced it with “what looked like a flag used by ISIS,” police said.

The American flag was left shredded at the scene. The words “ISIS is COMI” had been spray-painted on a wall on the school’s east side, KUTV reported.

Ken Thompson, a spokesman for Hurricane Police department, said authorities don’t know if the perpetrator was a student or someone from outside the community.


Read more at Fox News.

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Patsy Autry


Steve Gertz
Come on folks, that’s not simply malicious damage, that person has made a very hateful and spiteful statement against the United States. Imagine that POS, living in this country, sucking up all the benefits we have to offer, and then doing that to our flag? Find him, escort him to the border, tattoo a traitor symbol on his forehead, inform him that re-entering this country will subject him to “open season” status, then fire him out of a cannon over “Trumps wall”. That kind of hateful action against the United States tells me that there are too many quran worshiping… Read more »