Mass Hysteria in Leftist Den Over Deportation

University of California, Berkeley students are up in arms over a rumor that a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent visited a resident housing complex under the premise that he was an Amazon delivery man.

The alleged incident took place at Casa Zimbabwe, commonly referred to as CZ, which is home to 124 residents and is one of 17 houses under the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

CZ house president Rizza Estacio sent out an email with the subject line: “Trigger Warning: Immigration Officers at CZ.” According to The Daily Californian, it is unclear whether this incidence was a raid by ICE or an attempted robbery. It could also be an entirely fabricated situation, seeing that the Berkeley Police Department says it was never notified that ICE was at Berkeley. That, however, has not kept Berkeley students from freaking out.

Zach Gamlieli, president of Berkeley Student Cooperative, sent an email of his own entitled “Immigration Enforcement Activity Affecting the BSC” to residents of the co-op. Gamlieli averred that a man wearing a featureless brown shirt, carrying a package, made the attempt to gain entry into the co-op.


Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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Steve Gertz

These illegals need to understand that if ICE wanted to infiltrate a campus, they wouldn’t be wearing plain brown shirts. They would be wearing helmuts, bullet proof vests and heavy leather jackets with the letters I.C.E. on the backs, and they don’t carry packages, they carry AK47’s.
I find it extremely uplifting that, with the help of President Trump, we finally have these illegals looking over their shoulders. We are coming for you. ALL of you.

John Craig

More fake news by the Left

John Craig

Wow, a featureless brown shirt, what more proof do they need that the Guastpo and storm troopers are at the gates? Who’s in charge out there, Chicken Little?

Patricia Weldon
I am sickened by all of the hate that we have today. This is all O’s doing with his constant harping on division of races and then money. As if that isn’t bad enough the schools have been indoctrinating the students for 20 years that our country is bad. We have the best country in this world but as long as they preach hate to those they target it won’t be much longer. All of us need to return to God instead and learn to love from Him. God is the One who made us what we were and we… Read more »

I agree. The left co-opted hate and as part of their plan, teach it and cause division in the culture. It is a proven Alinsky strategy for gaining control and power. The left cooperates with evil and has become demonic- and doesn’t even cover it up anymore. We are in a raging battle between goodcand evil and must fight for the Truth and never relent. Evil wins when good people stop pushing back. May God help us.