Congressman Calls for Arrest of DREAMERS

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) says he has asked the United States Capitol Police and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to arrest “any illegal aliens” who arrive and attempt to attend President Trump’s “State of the Union” address.

Last week, ABC News revealed that at least 24 Democrats are expected to bring illegal aliens as their guests to Trump’s SOTU address, but Gosar says Capitol Police and Sessions should use the opportunity to enforce the Rule of Law.

“A country with no borders, and no enforcement of its laws, is not a country,” Gosar exclusively told Breitbart News. “It is anarchy. It is chaos. Trump was elected to restore order and enforce the law. Obama, by contrast, enjoyed flouting our laws and our constitution.”

Gosar’s insistence that Sessions enforce the law at Trump’s SOTU comes after New York Times best-selling author Ann Coulter called on Sessions to “be ready to arrest” Democrats for conspiring with illegal aliens to keep them in the country.


Read more at Breitbart.

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John Craig

Darn good idea. Democrats have no intention of following our laws they want as much chaos as they can manage to create in order for division in the country that they can exploit. Want to solve the DACA issue? Round them up and deport every one of them and then there is no issue.