Sharia Supremacist Endorses Socialist Traitor for Senate

Now that traitor Chelsea Manning has announced his candidacy for the United States Senate in Maryland (an announcement that changed the course of human history on Monday), super-American patriot Linda Sarsour has offered her endorsement, stunning those who regarded Sarsour as the iconic version of American patriotism.

Manning spent seven years in jail for his 35-year sentence for espionage and theft of classified documents, including battlefield videos and diplomatic cables from classified computer accounts. Manning decided to announce he was transgender during his trial; Barack Obama commuted Manning’s remaining sentence just before Obama left office.


Read more at the Daily Wire.

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Kenneth Hadler

I suppose we have some voters who are IDIOTS enough to vote for this criminal.

Glenn E Moody

just another more act of treason by Obama on his way out Manning Sarsour & Obama should be shot for treason

Patricia Weldon

I thought those who had criminal records couldn’t hold an office? If they can,it should not be allowed when their views are so anti-American. We are trying to save this country not divide it further which with Mannings views would happen. Those holding Communist view points must not get into any office.

James Velasquez

And you, sarsour, are a ……PIG!!!

James Currier

They both should be AT LEAST DEPORTED OR EXECUTED!!!

Steve Gertz

Just what this country needs, another criminal in the senate. Like we don’t have enough in there already.