DEA Agent Blasts Obama for Hezbollah Coverup

The retired head of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special-operations division said on Wednesday the Obama administration squandered a chance to dismantle Hezbollah due in part to political motivations to clinch a nuclear deal with Iran.

Derek Maltz, who was in charge of a major law enforcement operation targeting Hezbollah’s trafficking of cocaine, said the United States cannot again succumb to political distractions that allow the Iranian-backed terrorist to continue its narcoterrorism campaign.

“There’s an old saying, opportunities come and go,” Maltz testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “In my personal opinion, having been the guy in charge of the special operations for ten years, we lost a gold opportunity to crush Hezbollah.”

Politico in December first reported the Obama administration’s quiet dismantling of these efforts, dubbed Project Cassandra, out of apprehension over rattling Iran as President Barack Obama pursued a landmark nuclear deal with the country. The piece, written by Politico‘s Josh Meyer, extensively quoted Maltz, who said he had “no doubt” multilateral negotiations with Iran sidelined ongoing operations against Hezbollah’s drug trafficking network.


Read more at the Free Beacon.

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Mitch Darby

Obama, viewed as the second coming of Christ, actually the second coming of Mohammed, threw this country under the bus and you don’t believe it ???


President Jihad Obama and Hillary Benghazi Clinton created and funded ISIS. Obama sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi to meet with a Turkish rep, to arrange the smuggling of Libyan weapons to “rebels” who were actually Al Nusra and Daesh in Syria via Turkey and just secs into this video, an Al Nusra commander tells a German reporter, exactly that!


Deep State Globalist Stooge Barack Obama promised to create a massive civilian army in his first term. One as big and as powerful as our US Military. Obama imported a massive amount of male Muslims of Jihad age and many more came through Obama’s open borders agenda. Obama shipped those Jihad age Muslims all over the USA. Obama’s Muslims along with other groups will eventually attack us in massive numbers. Be ready, get yourself a gun, buy lots of ammo, learn gun safety and practice often.


Lock him up!

Proud vet

How much money that brown call make selling heroin in this country with his Hezbollah/Muslim brothers! All those drugs Obama ship in there and you stupid people who vote for Democrats haven’t figured out that they’re all about yourself and your Pimps the one world order billionaires!