Fake News Media Blasts Melania’s Smart Decision

Newsweek is apparently so desperate for anti-Trump content that they will publish misleading headlines about the First Lady.

Newsweek wrote on Tuesday that First Lady Melania Trump was ordering the “removal of [a] near-200-year-old tree from the White House.”

At first read, Melania sounds like an evil tree-killer who wants to purge the White House of any pre-Trump history. What other reason could she possibly have for removing a beautiful 200-year-old tree?

Well, as the Newsweek article goes on to explain, the tree is dying.


Read more at the Daily Caller.

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let them keep lying and twisting facts, it just diminishes their credibility even more. The world is already on to them.

Proud vet

What the whores in the media have done to this country and the American people is 300 million times worse than crying fire in a theater , which is prison time punishable!