Pervert Muslim Arrested After Doing This To Children

A Muslim Oregon man who offered private instruction on the Koran was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly sexually abusing two teenage girls under the age of 14.

According to the Daily Mail, Muhammad L. Hasan, 50, who runs a business called AICQ, (American Islamic Center for the Holy Quran), offering private instruction in an office in Tigard near Portland, was charged with seven counts of sexual abuse. The alleged abuse started in 2016; the girls claim he kissed them on the mouth repeatedly; he is also accused of touching one girl’s breasts. Police believe more girls may have been victimized.

AICQ’s website states:

AICQ is a center of enlightenment focusing on teaching the recitation and memorization of the Holy Qur’an. AICQ programs and lessons are designed to build a Quranic generation that benefits the individuals and the society they live in through the Quranic teachings and ethics of our tolerant Islamic faith. …


Read more at Daily Wire.

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Those Muslims who insist in altering our country, demanding accommodations for their 5 prayers a day in schools and work place should be DEPORTED to their country of Origin before they succeed in destroying our country, overwhelm with their cat like birth numbers and Eventually conquer it! That is the IDEA …one continent at a time!…..


More Muslim trash. Why don’t we send them all back to the Middle East? Their 13th-Century mentality does not recognize abuse laws. Let them leave the teenaged girls in this country alone. Build the wall and vet EVERYONE who tries to gain admittance to the United States. The safety of our citizens comes first.

Preston Young

If our leaders were more interested in serving and protecting the citizens of the United States these people wouldn’t be here. They need to start enforcing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. Public Law 82-414, Chapter 2, Section 212 prohibits people of Islamic beliefs from entering our country. Their beliefs are the direct opposite of ours and they are a threat to the United States.