Congress Investigating Obama Collusion

Lawmakers are launching an investigation into Obama-era efforts to thwart a longstanding U.S. investigation into the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah, according to multiple congressional officials and insiders who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

The Obama administration worked behind the scenes to thwart a decade-long Drug Enforcement Agency investigation into Hezbollah and its highly lucrative drug trade in Latin America, according to a report in Politico. These officials are believed to have run interference on the investigation in order to avoid upsetting Iran and jeopardizing the landmark nuclear accord.

Senior Obama officials in the Treasury and Justice Departments are said to have undermined the DEA’s investigation at multiple junctures in order to avoid angering Hezbollah’s patron Iran, which could have jeopardized the landmark nuclear agreement.

Congress is now taking steps to formally investigate the reports, which multiple sources described to the Free Beacon as part of a larger Obama administration effort to overlook Iran’s global terror operations in order to cement the nuclear deal.


Read more at the Free Beacon.

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I just thank God we have a real President now. The liberals’ plan was to put an affirmative action african in the White House, then a commie/ feminist woman, next would have been a transgender.


The entire Obama administration was corrupt! Obama should be prosecuted for being a traitor, treasonist, and an illegal president. His own grandmother said he was born in Kenya! He should be stripped of his pension and his security detail and put in prison!

The Texan

That is one reason Obama was so determined to keep the boarders open. It was so his buddies in Hezbollah with their friends in the drug cartels can cross back and forth across the boarder without hindrance. Of course it was an added bonus that large numbers of foreign nationals could also enter the country illegally and wreck our economy, put a strain on our infrastructure and put American citizens in danger.

R. McFate

RICO the whole Obummer administration. It is turning out it was a criminal syndicate rather than a government!

Kurt Walker
Looking deep into the Iran “compromise” it doesn’t take bathtub sized brain intelligence to figure out what actually was done in the “plan”. Two truck loads of CASH DOLLARS were sent to Iran without any accountability to get them to buy into the plan and they were not “required” to agree to anything. Intelligence now shows that the money has been used to further terrorism and the Iran nuke program hasn’t even slowed down. Now these things were agreed upon by the Obama administration in secret and the Iran nuke program is going forward at full speed. The only reason… Read more »
Irene Grooms

I think that the whole Obama Administration should be looked at cause it looks like they all are corrupted.