Clinton BETRAYS Former Policy With Major Flip

Former President Bill Clinton attacked “nativist” rhetoric from Republicans in a New York Times column Monday, seemingly reneging on his own immigration views from 20 years ago.

“The future of undocumented immigrants — including the ‘Dreamers’ and millions of people who are working hard and paying taxes — is uncertain at a time when our work force cannot grow without them; the birthrate among native-born Americans is barely at replacement levels,” Clinton wrote. “From Charleston to Charlottesville, we are reminded that the racial divide remains a curse that can be revived with devastating consequences.”

The former president continued lauding immigration, saying that “tribalism based on race, religion, sexual identity and place of birth has replaced inclusive nationalism.”

However, in his 1995 State of the Union address, the two-term Democrat attacked the nation’s porous border that allowed in millions of illegal aliens.

Read more at the Daily Caller.
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How can the illegals be ‘working hard and paying taxes’ when it isn’t legal for them to be working here? You people are always claiming they are working hard and paying taxes, but if they are working hard, then they have stolen someone’s identity and if that is true it’s more likely than not, that person is getting stuck with a tax bill that isn’t even theirs. Stop the lying please and just send them home, there are many deserving Americans who would really like to have a job.